State of Mind (SOM Music) @ System Dub Radio Show, (13.02.2011) PROPER


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Feb 8, 2011
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Track ID: 2011-02-13 - State of Mind (State of Mind Music) @ System Dub 005 Radio Show, - V.I.P. HQ Recordings
Audio Quality: CBR 112 kbps PROPER
Length: 00:37:55 minutes
Style: Drum`n`Bass
Size: 30,2 MB
Info: recorded from 11.00 - 11.40 PM!
Note: the scene released that Set yesterday too, but they made it more than what it is (the Jungle MINIMIX isnt from SOM) + they spend it as SAT Recording, thats a lie too, because they reencoded it from a LQ 96 kbit stream to ludicrous 167 kbit

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