Starting Off Producing DnB


May 22, 2009
Ayrshire, Scotland
Awryt ppl , jus ere to ask about if you's have any tipz on producin sumthin special in DnB, gett bakk to me, using Reson 4 da noww

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to be fair if ur just starting up then just play with whatever programme u have and try and have fun doing it!
U may just come up with something original by taking your own approach to it.

its a massive and complicated subject.
fanks man, i kno da basikks a need, lyk i need bassline obv ahaha, and som sik beats that change every 4,8,12,16 etc bars, wots the best thing 2 use to get dat grimey effect
please dont type like that it does my head in!

you need to learn how to make sound really, before any grimeyness can come from it......

just explore reason for now as stated.
init lay off the newbies!
Just keep crackin on, trying to get the tunes finished at first, dont worry about the sound too much if ur just starting out.

if you worry about the mixdown too much to start with you will stop ur creativness

Reason is a great program to start on, we have used reason for about 4 years now! :)
ahaha a'ight man, thanks for da heads up, ill try nd make sumthin good nd ill post it on dis

There is something you can do to achieve something special: hard work, as Beethoven would have put it... No one here can give you the special "ingredient" that will make your music great...

However, following recipy should do the trick. You will need:

- A few dozen samples from the coolest music you can think off
- Two or three "you are the oneee" samples
- FIve "yo, yo!"
- one "yeah"

Mix all together in your favourite blender or daw, send to your local radio station with a cheque of 2000 pounds and lo! You will be famous yo yo!
ahaha that eazy ? shit dont want ma musik played on radio 1 or any of dat, sell outs that do that man, mayb wan a hype's nites ill post ma mix in

Umm sorry, I forgot the Bovril. You will definitely need bovril for the mix to have that "special Ingredient". You can find the recipe in page 256 of Delia's "My Perfect Bass", paperwork, Unwin editors...
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