Starting from scratch!

hi guys nd gals im soon to be purchaseing some decks but i need some advise on what equipment and that to get. So far ive found this ive heard its good for beginners from other fourms but this fourms opinion i trust most out of them all so would be good to hear from people who know what they are talking about and what you think!. I dont have a very large budget maximum amount i can spend is £350 i know its cheap but im a porper lol as im currently working part time and at college. I also want to be useing vinyl because ive used freinds cd turntables and it just dont cut it for me got to be oldschool! so if any one has any good sites/places (I live in south London) to get cheap vinyls from it would be a good held. Im a complete beginner as well so any tips on everything about djing would be sick!

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I'd really suggest saving up for some Technics. That way you won't feel compeled to upgrade in the future. The mixer tho I'm sure is a good beginer mixer becuase it's a much better one than I have at the moment.