Starting fresh, could use some help



Having used Reason for over a year now, I felt like I needed to expand my horizons a little. Reason was great.. it helped me learn very quickly the common techniques used in production.. but I'm ready for something new. So I purchased Cubase, along with a few VSTs that seem to be popular, it was a quick decision, but Im already happy with my choices having played around a little with all the software.

So I now feel like im starting all over again... Im slowly getting to grips with the workflow of a proper DAW but I could do with some help learning how other people work

1) Bouncing to audio, how often do you guys do this? Do you do it for pretty much every element in your track?
2) With gain staging, Reason seemed to handle this pretty well and I usually did the mixdown at the end.. but Im thinking it would make more sense to do it as I go with Cubase, how do you guys go about this? Im thinking mixing down things as I go, keeping the levels well below high (in the green).. and then mastering at the end to turn the volume up. Are there any other methods?
3) I need to learn about busses and sends, how they work. I know the basics of how audio can be routed into devices and such, having worked with Reason. A quick search on google didnt really answer much for me, any useful links?

Obviously I gotta find my own way of doing things, id just like to get started by learning from others.. I am aware of the endless amount of youtube tutorials and masterclasses, I will be watching them.