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Aug 19, 2008
Recommend me some good tunes to hear a feel for what dub step is about. And also bpm and such.

If you want, just post good dubstep chuunage.


Aug 30, 2008
Although i like dupstep and do listen sometimes im more into my dnb but, i think the average bpm is around the 130 mark, someone correct me if im wrong , which i could be... but they do vairy in bpm-ness.:D if that makes sense? ha. actually you should check out youtube, got shit quality most of the time but there are gooood tunes around. i found an unusual dupstep track the other day, the artists called +darkstar+ dunno the tune name tho. sounds diffrent to the more familular sounding d/step.
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Oct 1, 2006
dubstep is 140 bpm with half time beats!
but i sum times make it at 70 bpm
i ur lookin for inspiration jus youtube benga/coki/caspa/rusko/skream/stenchman/vexd/plastician an many more but i cant be fucked to write em.
but wen ya lisetn 1 of em ull see others down the side an ting!


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Aug 27, 2008
nero - this way
rusko - woo boost
benga - 26 basslines
tes la rok - lickashot
kromestar - here we come
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