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I'm Luc from Amsterdam and student of architecture/building engineering.
This is my story how I got here:
Yesterday I was walking from to work listening some crazy drum and bass, goose bumps everything, so I thought: I'm gonna make this shit.
Well now this is easy to say but doing it is a other thing, but HEY, why not give it a go?
I fell in love with drum and bass at a concert of pendulum 6 years ago, I was at a festival and a friend of mine told we had to go there and it was going to be awsome.
Standing almost in the front I didn't know what happenend as when the first beat hit there appeared a crazy ass moshpit and yea, it was AWSOME.
Since then I'm listening drum and bass almost every day and never get bored of it.

So I started googling and almost directly got directed to this forum.
So here I am.
Hopefully making drum and bass is going to be as awsome as listening to it.
And if not, I still got a good site to find new music and share the DnB love!

Any starter tips are welcome but a simple hello makes me also happy :)

Well i'm off to my reason and going to try to make some beats.



P.S.: My english may be not that perfect, sorry for that.

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Hey man, welcome to the forum! As you're a begginer (as myself), I advice you to take a good look on the production sub-forum, and please, use the search feature. There are many questions you'll have that have already been answered before!