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    first off, i realize everyone in the game is starting a label nowadays. i'm under no illusions - i am nobody. the primary purpose of this label would be to support local artists in asia and get the music out there.

    i've been doing events here for 8 years, and this has been on my mind for a long time. i have a decent foundation, a large network, and i want to support the local artists, get the music out, and hold some events based around the music. basically, elevate my game from just throwing parties as usual, and support the art/music. making money is not the goal, i have a job. covering costs is enough, anything extra is golden. but i want to do it proper.

    all this being said, i have some questions...(especially for label owners)

    - how selective should you be in your releases? i could go one of two directions: releasing everything i can from local artists - or trying to be ultra exclusive/quality and go for "bigger" artists.

    - how important is sticking to the same genre/theme? i could be bass focused, but i know people making all kinds of stuff. math rock. deep house. hip hop. left field bass, etc.

    - what is a typical profit sharing arrangement with artists? i'm almost certain, given my finances, that i can't put money up front/take any big risks.

    - what is your experience with using "pay what you want" on bandcamp? a friend with a small/successful niche label recommended this...and i think it would be the best way to get more exposure.

    - aside from bandcamp, which platforms are necessary? i've heard that itunes is a pain.

    - what are some important things that i should not overlook? i know...mastering.

    ultimately, this is just a hobby. but something that i am very passionate about, and its a logical progression (pardon the pun) of my musical endeavors. the older i get the less i want to party, so this seems a good place to focus my musical energy.
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