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Jan 7, 2003
Wigan, England
Alright lads.
This forum is totally wicked and i hope i am welcome. Im quite pleased to find this site because i love dnb. I have recently created a mix on my decks and was woundering if i could get advice on how to upload it to your wonderfull site. its a 1:15 long, so it might be too big for the site.

My lastes purcses on the drum n bass scene are Adam 'f'-dirty harry's revenge, John b-American Girls/blue eyeshadow, and finally klute-curly wurly/splendor.
I am also waiting for the arrival of my very rare and un-released
John b-Electrofreak and d-kay and rawfull-be there 4 u.
I hope theres a few djs on here who understand my stlye and like my style. i like drum n bass with god trance style melodies.
some of my fave tracks have got to be John b-upall night, n Peshay-u got me burning. Also has n y 1 got a new kaoss pad 2??
they are the fuking bomb. u need one on your decks.

ok fellas, hope to here from yas soon.
c-clear 8)
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