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Nov 29, 2001


dnbforum had a chat with one of the veterans of Drum & Bass, Stakka. With releases and forthcoming releases on too many labels to mention, things are certainly looking good for his new label, Cargo Industries, in 2003.


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Nov 29, 2001

1. How old are you?


2. Where are you from?

originally Brighton UK but now i live in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Do you think your location has affected your success in Drum & Bass?

i don't really know about that.

4. What is your first name?


5. Where did the name Stakka come from?

Not a very exciting answer to this one, basically my girlfriend a few years ago, about 13 or so years ago wrote me a list of names to choose from because i couldn't think of one and that was the one that stuck out. I really think i need to make an answer up that sounds a little more interesting.

6. How long have you been producing Drum & Bass?

since before drum n bass

7. Do you DJ, and how long have you been mixing for?

i do DJ, quiet a lot here in the states, I've been djing for about 14 or so years.

8. What are your Drum & Bass influences?

There are a lot of producer that i get influence from, basically any tune that i hear that i think is bad has an influential effect

9. Do you have any other musical interests?

yeah i listen to quiet a lot of other music, there's a lot of good music out there.

10. How did you become involved in the Drum & Bass scene?

basically producing with K. Tee, we started working together just as jungle exploded and then rolled along with the changes as it turned into dnb.

11. What did you do before Drum & Bass?

i used to make hardcore, basically pre Dnb rave music

12. What is the Drum & Bass scene like in your area?

strong, in new york there is drum n bass every night of the week. i run a club in Manhattan called 'heavy duty' and its been solid from the off.

13. 2003 looks to be a good year for Drum & Bass, where do you see it heading?

i think that we'll be seeing a lot more in the charts and there

14. Do you have a web site?

15. What are your favourite Drum & Bass web sites?

i think the best sources are dnb arena and dogs on acid



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Nov 29, 2001

1. Hardware or software?

bit of both

2. What hardware/software (use as applicable) do you use to produce?

too much to mention, hardware i like to mix down on an analogue desk, i have an old amek desk and i still use various outboard effects processors. As for software, i have a ton to many actually but the favourites are the mackie UAD with various effects, ohm boyz plugins are always fun and i have a lot of soft synths that i use, to many to mention

3. CD/MP3 or vinyl?

vinyl for ding, mp3 for sending music to people, cd's are for the car

4. Can you describe your sound?

difficult to, i mean mostly dancefloor, I'm feeling a lot of different angles, there is a lot of good music out there. not too much into the techno vibe anymore, im not really feeling that direction but if it's done well then I'd play it

5. What projects are you currently working on?

im doing some collaborations for cargo, I'm starting a new label called payload for other artists that i am feeling and involved in the militia and all of that is ongoing

6. What future projects are in the pipe line?

there are videos for tracks on cargo, mars attacks (stakka & hochi) and also 1999 (the militia). A mix cd of cargo tunes coming later in the year.

7. Are you working on any other genres other than Drum & Bass?

not at the moment

8. Are there any Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

yeah its always interesting to work with other people, the most important collaborations to me at the moment are the militia tracks

9. Are there any non-Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

yeah there are a few vocalists that i think would be wicked to work with

10. What Drum & Bass choons are currently at the front of your record box?

trail of sevens, paranoia, echo chamber remix, screamer

11. How did it feel when you first heard someone drop one of your choons at a club?

i felt wicked, its always good to see what all of the hard work was for

12. Do you have an favourite "all time" choon?

tough one...

13. Turntables.. Technics or Vestax?


14. MCs.. yes, no, or depends?

yes, they make the party happen, theres no disputing that

15. Dubplates.. 10 or 12 inch?

12's are better but that's not always the case

16. Computer format.. PC, MAC, or both?

PC, i mean MAC look nice but if you are doing audio then they don't really come close to the power that the pc's are at, i looked into the bench tests for audio and the PCs were running it

17. Bootlegs.. yes, no, or depends?

yes, its all good



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Nov 29, 2001

1. What is your favourite colour?

haven't got one really

2. Do you drive, and what do you drive?

not in NY, its all subway

3. What is your favourite film?

I'll name a few of the darker ones, donnie darko, mothman prophecies, the ring, i watch a lot movies.


1. Any shouts or final words?




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Nov 29, 2001
I would just like to thank Stakka for taking the time out for the interview - Bigups from the massive :slayer:
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