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    [​IMG] Flatline Audio Presents
    Flatline Audio 001 - Corrupt Souls & Submerged - Disturbance & Fall With Me
    Flatline Audio 002 - Stakka - Brockwild & Gotham City
    Flatline LTD. Audio 001 - Mosh - 94 Degrees & Propella
    Corrupt Souls & Submerged
    Disturbance A: {Audio}
    Fall With Me AA: {Audio}

    Flatline Audio 001 - Corrupt Souls & Submerged - Disturbance / Fall With Me
    Buy 12" Record In All Dance Music Record Shops Now!

    Available in the US @ Breakbeat Science Buy Flatline Audio 001 Here [​IMG]

    Available in the UK @ NU- Urban Music Buy Flatline Audio 001 Here [​IMG]

    Flatline LTD. Audio 001 - MOSH

    94 Degrees A: {Audio}
    Propella AA: {Audio}

    Flatline Audio 002 - Stakka

    Brockwild A: {Audio}
    GothamCity AA: {Audio}

    Coming Soon Early 2006!
    Flatline Audio 003 - ICR - Front2Back / Razor Blade Runner
    Flatline LTD. Audio 002 - Wicked Sway - Juice / Phobia

    Robot Death Squad - Supercharger Audio

    Due out on Flatline Audio late Spring.
    Also Forthcoming Early 2006: Corrupt Souls - From The Streets Mix CD Compilation featuring 16 Slamming tracks of released and unreleased tracks by Corrupt Souls, Submerged, Stakka, Pyro, Crossfire, Silent Killer, Robot Death Squad, Fixation, Rev-E, & Wicked Sway.
    World of Light by Wicked Sway off the forthcoming Flatline Begins EP. Which has tunes by Stakka, Wicked Sway, and 2 slamming tunes by Corrupt Souls.
    World Of Light - Wicked Sway <~~~~~ Audio

    *Big up to BrokenSoulDC for the host
    Flatline Audio Roster:

    Corrupt Souls
    Robot Death Squad
    Silent Killer
    Wicked Sway

    Flatline Audio 003 - ICR soundclips
    Back 2 Front (audio)
    Razor Blade Runner(audio)


    Zoltán Gál aka ICR is the latest of the young hungarian producers shaping the futuristic sounds of drum & bass. He has been a key figure in the local scene for a while as he is the originator - and now co-editor - of the country's only, well-respected urban music Internet magazine, Impulsecreator ( that hit the web in 1999. After numerous mp3 releases on the self-established Internet label he immediately found himself as an upcoming producer with tunes played out by DJs in the States, Canada and Germany. "Very unique and definately running, but deep at the same time" - as the critics said.

    ICR's debut 12" release came out in march 2003 (at only the age of 20) on America's main man for d&b: Breakbeat Science. "Both Rock The Sky and Stolen Symmetry master the fine art of balancing dance floor sensibility with colorful musicality." Both featured on DJ Dara's Breakbeat Science: Exercise.01 mix CD and the vinyl was charted and played out by the likes of Future Engineers. Shortly after the Orgone debut single he also contributed a track (Wide Awake) on Germany's Basswerk - voted best national label 2003 - compilation CD and vinyl alongside one of his ideal of producers, The Green Man. "ICR manages to bring in a musical touch as if doing a d&b remix of Dead Can Dance."
    Since as his style and production developed, he has been noticed by the likes of LTJ Bukem, ASC or Paul Reset amongst others. In 2004 Nerve Recordings featured him in his exclusive Beatport release with two tracks ("Tough, dancefloor dnb with a slightly deeper edge"), then remixed by atmospheric master ASC for leftfield specialist Offshore and also appeared on LTJ Bukem's prestigious Progression Sessions 10.
    The year 2005 brought more chance to emerge his talents with a self-released concept album that consist of his favourite tracks specially edited or remixed (not only d&b, but with downtempo and leftfield bits), all slightly passed as a whole story (released as a free downloadable album at and another LP (Daytrip) that is being released on Covert Operations both on CD and on two vinyls (plus new digital downloads at Nerve and Nookie’s Strictly Digital). Forthcoming bits in 2006 include tunes on Fokuz, Fokuz Limited, Nerve, Flatline Audio, Thermal, Vibez, Synaptic Plastic, Soulistic and Red Mist.


    12" singles

    Rock The Sky/Stolen Symmetry [Orgone 011, 2003]
    Wide Awake [Basswerk 019, 2003]
    Change Inside (ASC Remix) [Offshore 011, 2004]
    New Day/Dislike/Uprise [Covert Operations 012, 2005]
    Fast & Furious/Primavera [Covert Operations 016, 2005]
    Cable ‘Sleep Driver’ (ICR remix) [Covert Operations 018, 2005]
    My Love (with Soulproof) [Fokuz 020, 2006]
    Fill The Sky/Skanner [Nerve 018, 2006]

    CD appearances

    Rock The Sky - Breakbeat Science Exercise 01 [BSCD008, 2003]
    Stolen Symmetry - Breakbeat Science Exercise 01 [BSCD008, 2003]
    Wide Awake - Basswerk Sessions 2 [BWCD02, 2003]
    Splashdown - Progreassion Sessions Germany Live [GLRPS010X, 2005]

    CD album

    Daytrip LP [Covert Operations CD001, 2005]

    Digital downloads

    Arcadia/Words [NerveBPX02, 2004]
    Words (ICR Remix) / Words (Lowbrow Remix) [NerveBP03, 2005]
    Want My Love [Strictly Digital - SDDB136, 2005]
    Always & Forever [Strictly Digital - SDDB137, 2005]
    Blue Fairy [Strictly Digital - SDDB138, 2005]
    Shinumade Tatakau/Even When Your Shadow Leaves You [Exegene - XGN022, 2005]
    It Could Have Been Me [Strictly Digital - SDDB188, 2005]
    One In A Million remix (with Soulproof) [Strictly Digital - SDDB189, 2005]

    ICR artist photos:

    ICR website

    ICR myspace

    ICR interviews - By DJ Roodbwoy, 2004/11 - By Trym A, 2005/11

    ICR press releases

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