Stage Line Amp not turning on...HELP!

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    I've had a Stage Line PMX 100 amp for a few months now which I got preowned. Every time I turn it on and off there was a weird 'popping' sound, louder turning it on than off.
    I just turned it on to have a mix, and had the popping sound, and then it turned off. Tried using a different kettle plug as well but cant get it to turn on!

    Does anyone have any ideas, is it dead? Please help, need to record a mix tomorrow!

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    Does the popping sound come from the speakers, becauase that is pretty normal for some amps.

    Open it up and check for a little glass fuse, there's a good chance it's blown. Sometimes it's obvious but you might have to check it with a multimeter to confirm. If it is the fuse, make sure you replace it with the exact same type. Some amps use a slow-blow to allow for spikes that would blow a regular fuse.