Stacking Units 26 Track Lp out in all good stores NOW!!!!


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Oct 3, 2009
Ladies and Gents,

Today, We at The Extent Group bring great news!!! Today sees the launch of the highly anticipated Stacking Units LP! 26 deep, powerful and very emotional tracks which capture the soul with the escense of beautiful Beat patterns and Bass and we all love our bass don't we? ;D This Lp see's tracks from some great producers, all spanning all over the globe! Infact, We reckon some of these are from another Galaxy as the tracks are mindblowing!

The LP see's the Return of Jungle legend 'Gappa G' & Lucky B) who had big hits back in the day with tracks such as 'The Information Centre' and 'River Nijer' which have been getting the remix treatment from producers such as 'Serum' and 'Bladerunner!' Gappa and Lucky B's track 'Ubiquity' has been getting support from the likes of Bailey on BBC 1Xtra, Codex and more! Overall The Lp is powerful, deep and very intricut! This is a must have for any DJ that likes to turn heads!

The LP also contains carefully selected tracks from Lucid UK, Sovex, Fable, L Sides and Dans, 2 Katz, Centrik and Will South, Psychord, Steez, Artomik & DNS, N4m3, Subclash, Basis, Unknown Lifeform & Original Ninja, PlaYstiD & Bluestem, Invisible Landscape, Shebuzzz, Marginal, Subway Funk, Physical Illusion, Nemanoe, Darkhalf, Crix feat: Joe Lever and Duo Science! All great tracks and Fables track 'Safe in Orbit' which has also been remixed by Eastcolours for a release on his Forthcoming EP later this year, was supported recently by Enei on the latest Critical Music Podcast! Big love to Enei for that, we can't thank him enough ;D

We could go on about this LP all day we are that proud of it, but not everyone has that amount of time so we thought best to post a link to check the LP on! You can listen on the link below on our soundcloud


The LP is available from all major stores online including Beatport, iTunes, Juno and many many more ( Too many to list)


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