SSS006 - Fourward - "Plasma" / Kiro vs. Ross B - "Pressure"

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    Fourward - Plasma

    Fourward's third release on the Subsonik Sound Imprint, Plasma, is an absolutely top notch, grimy, dark, steppy, filthy hit. The meticulously crafted bass synths perfectly compliment the ambient melodic content of this track, teaming up perfectly with an absolutely hammering drum track. Taking you on a sonic journey through the clever melodic leads and mezmerizing bass hooks, this masterpiece breaks down into a pad-driven-shiver-inducing chord progression that is sure to induce euphoria on dancefloors around the world. Listeners will be snapped back into reality by the gut wrenching drums and intense bass that have become the trademark of Subsonik Sound Recordings.

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    Kiro vs. Ross B - Pressure

    In keeping with the tone of Subsonik Sound Recordings, Pressure promises to be a filthy ride, equipped with a disgusting drum track, heavy bass synths, and intense passages of atmosphere. From the filtered intro breaks, through the swirling ambience, smashing drums, and creative use of samples, this extremely well engineered techy roller is an essential track in any dark techy set. With engineering, production, and mastering credits for over 150 projects under his belt, as well as a production credit on the Subsenix feat. Essence - "Drop in the Ocean" Kiro holds a promising future with Subsonik Sound Recordings.

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    Release Date - February 1, 2009 on all major digital channels