SSNDMP3005 - Gancher & Ruin EP - OUT NOW + Free mp3 Download

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    SSNDMP3005 – Gancher & Ruin EP – (Surround Sound)

    A. Ruin - Smooth
    B. Gancher - Days
    C. Gancher & Ruin – Shutting Down (Lethal Remix)

    Ruin kicks off the Russian duo's debut EP on Surround Sound with this rolling number. In Smooth the

    chimes keep the detroit vibe deep and in the mood, while the mechanical beats bring the techno

    influence right up. This is one for night time cruising, lights reflecting off the windows and

    everything else fading into the distance.

    Gancher follows with more techno influenced beats. Days is a virus in your computer, spewing beeps and

    glitched bass over robotic tight drums.

    The final track on the EP sees label boss Lethal provide a remix of the pair's track Shutting Down. The

    remix strips the track down to its bare essentials, bringing out the funk of the original and rolling

    it out with tech-step beats.

    Out now EXCLUSIVELY at for 2 weeks and then all good Digital Download Stores.

    We are also giving away a copy of the original mix of Shutting Down by Gancher & Ruin FREE here:-

    For more information:
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    good tunes man big release but that shutdown sample is so ridiculously overused.