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SS014 Gremlinz/Aspect + SSDARK002 Stranjah UPDATE!!

SS014 Gremlinz/Aspect + SSDARK002 Stranjah UPDATE!

Once again, Soothsayer delivers heavy, dubladen jungle tracks. Following in the footsteps of Dub-One's "Pressure of 10,000" comes
Gremlinz's horesman stomper, "The Gavel, and Theory's dub juggernaut, "Silent Witness". Beware of Stranjah's "G-Riddim" later this month.

Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz veteran Gremlinz serves up a massive slab of horseman stylee amen madness in the form of "The Gavel".
After honing his skills for a barrage of labels like Xtinction Agenda, Horizons, and Outsider, Gremlinz and co-conspiritor Aspect
have exorcised their inner demons with "The Gavel"- with each stab thereby bludgeoning truth and justice into the ears of all listeners.
Hard, dark jungle for the roughnecks!!

Theory came to prominence with several key signings to prestigious labels like Digital's Function and Vibez offshoot, 13 Music.
In that time this Midlands boy has developed an outright punishing approach to heavy dubwize riddims.
Silent Witness delivers the riddim and bruise- disgusting reece basslines, heavy tribal percussion, and enough low end to lower IQs
for years to come! Wear a chest protector!

Listen to Gremlinz feat. Aspect - The Gavel

Listen to Theory - Silent Witness

alternative audio -


Hear Gremlinz and Theory's basslines roar!

Still Available - [SS013] Dub-One - Pressure of 10,000/ G-Netic - Flatline

Still Available - [SSDARK002] Niskala - Soothsayer Tenebrae

Still Available - [SS012] Enduser Dj Hidden Skeksis Manoeuvre Remixes

Soothsayer and Dubplatelet are Available at the Following Quality Retailers:

Triple Vision NL
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Noise Exchange Australia
Wrecked Distro USA
Redeye Records UK
Zions Gate USA
Juno Records UK
Chemical Records UK
Breakbeat Science USA
Rec-Order NL
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and many, many more!


AVAILABLE VIA BEATPORT, DIGITAL-TUNES, JUNO UK, Dnb Arena, Dogs on Acid & ADDICTECH in the near future.
Check out our backcatalogue in the meantime!

Soothsayer, Dubplatelet, and Tenebrae Are Available at the Following Quality Digital Retailers:

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Soothsayer presents Stranjah [SSDARK002]

Soothsayer's Tenebrae sublabel returns with yet another uncompromising slab of dark jungle,
SSDARK002 Stranjah - "G-Riddim" b/w "Void"

Toronto's Stranjah has a discography spanning over twenty releases on a litany of
great labels like Metalheadz, 31 Records, and Lightless Recordings.
"G-Riddim" represents the hardest amen tearout to be had - hard back snapping breaks,
dissonant filters, and massive sub bass pads. Void delivers a nasty yet more cerebral
take on dark jungle, akin to the finer Seba and Paradox moments.
Classic, Dark, Apaches Galore! Dubwize Jungle at its finest!!

Listen to Stranjah-"G-Riddim"

Listen to Stranjah -"Void"

alternative audio -


Hear Stranjah's basslines roar!