Spring Mix


Mar 4, 2011
South Africa

A little 30 Min mix I made, any constructive crit is welcome :)


1. TMS FT Jagga - I Need You (Shockone remix)
2. Pendulum - Ransom
3. Subfocus - Stomp
4. Tantrum Desire - Pay your own way
5. 2DB - Original Sound system style
6. Nero - Do you wanna
>> Subfocus - Timewarp
7. 2DB - Turkish Delight
8. Genetic Bros - Apollo
9, Tantrum Desire - Higher
10 .Shimon - The Shadow Knows (Dirtyphonics remix)
11. Mind Vortex - Generator
12. Tantrum Desire - Play Tonight
13. Wilkinson - Refugee


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Jun 10, 2008
Well the beatmatching is definitely fine on this mix. It was a good jump-uppy, dancefloor tracklist too. Vibes on the mix didn't really drop out at any point. Just a few other notes here:

I thought the drop into Ransom was a little too sharp. I know the first four bars of Ransom deserve to be aired out over the drop of I Need You, but I think the drop into it just seemed to lose a lot of momentum. Maybe boost the volume for just that bit to keep the flow consistent? Bringing I Need You back, though, afterwards, was a good touch.

A few of the mixes didn't really sound on key to me, but admittedly I am not the best ear for keys. There was a slight clang (I think) between Do You Wanna and Timewarp, but you recovered pretty nicely, so props on that.

Turkish Delight -> Apollo just didn't work. Keys didn't work, beats didn't work, I just wanted to get past this part, to be fair. I'm sure it sounds good to some people but I just didn't like the way it sounded.

Outro was pretty decent, as well, as Refugee is a big tune.

Keep up the work, man!
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