Spotless - From Gazin To Motion (FREE album) released on Horizontal Madness

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    Hello dnbheads, hope you're all well.

    Horizontal Madness proudly presents their first release, composed by SPOTLESS called "From Gazing To Motion".

    It consists 9 drum'n'bass and one downtempo tune.
    You can preview and download whole album for FREE or donate any amount of
    money for the album here:

    You can follow us on soundcloud if you like our tracks.

    Don't hesitate leaving comments.
    Have a good one and thanks for your time.

    Horizontal Madness - Convenient Drum'n'Bass Music!
    It's a music for chilling and headnod.


    1. Horizontal Madness will be publishing music which is made of drums and basses.
    2. Horizontal Madness releases are free, however if you want to support our
    artists for what they're doing you can buy all our releases on: and

    Have any convenient music for us to show? Don't hesitate - use our dropbox at or send links to