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Apr 3, 2008
Spor @ Lifted Music Forum:

'I'm working on an album. While I appreciate everyone's undying support and enthusiasm, having unreleased material continually leaked, distributed, or paraded as mp3 trophies has set me back considerably. This music defines my life as it stands and each track, whether it's a 90 minute experiment like the one linked above (the tune was Untitled Funk), or a 2 month multiproject, means something to me. To see unfinished material ripped, uploaded and then judged over and over eventually becomes frustrating. Even private words (about Kingdom being his next release on Lifted) from Liam have been regurgitated above.

As a result nothing is really leaving the studio now until my project is done. I want a clean, untainted vision of what I'm striving for, which isn't something I feel I can do if any of it becomes public. After the album...not sure, maybe time to move on.'

i hope the album isn't the end of spor.......
It would be shit if he did stop making music. I'm a big fan of his, not just the music but how he seems to be as a person. I hope the morons in the scene don't push him out.
people just need to stop fukin swapping shit online this isnt just a problem with dnb its every genre, if it effects the big dogs then think of what its doing to independent labels!

its not going to get better its gunna keep getting worse!
Spor has been such a huge influence to me, it's thanks to him and many other artists from Lifted music that have really inspired me to produce Drum and Bass.

This is incredibly disapointing to hear. The fact the he feels uninspired makes me slightly uninspired... all thanks to the idiots that ruin it for everyone else.... >_<
If spor leaves DnB i would consider suicide i think

the guys a god to me
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