Spirit - 'Final Chapter (alternate end)/Raygun VIP" (Timeless)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Raygun VIP/Final Chapter (alternate ending)" - Spirit (Timeless)

One of my favourite tunes of last year gets the vip treatment from its creator, as well as another re-do of one of his older tunes - all on one 12" makes me a happy man!!!
Firstly the Raygun vip. Now I have to say that I actually prefer the original mix of this as I feel it has a lot more weight behind it, but thats not to say theres anything wrong with this! Steppy amens, similar to the ones used in Waterhouse Dub, break the ice here, before the chilling harmony creeps in, creating a sweeping, atmospheric intro that can only prepare you for whats coming next! One of the filthiest b-lines graced the original, and Spirit has filtered and twisted it and come out with a similar sounding bass, while still keeping the original melody. That familiar build up sweeps in, and soon enough the drop pounds you with all the force Spirit can muster!!! Keeping in the same style throughout the tune, with the exception of the bleeps, this is one tune that you'll witness tear up dancefloors for some time!
Now the flip is the tune that really does it for me here. One of Spirits earliest releases is also given a 2002 makeover, while still keeping very much in with the old skool flava! I first heard
this on Grooveriders Radio 1 show a few weeks back, and after the initial excitement, I forgot about it, assuming it wouldnt be out for months, but alas a copy is sitting on my deck as I am
writing this (obviously!)!
My first impressions of this tune was it sounded similar to Barons punishing 'See Me Burning'
given a rejig by either Total Science or Spirit, but I wasnt too far off! The intro perfectly retains that older 97 era feel, with the usual samples messing with your head, and that heavy old skool
keyboard-y riff drilling continuously! When the b-line come crashing in at the drop, your instantly reminded of times gone by, as you so often are with all the Timeless/Oxford crew. I can
honestly say this is one of the heaviest tunes Ive heard in a while, and I consider it an injustice that it hasnt been played out more!!!
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