Spinor - Moloch / Budoka - Ritual [TILT008]

TILT008 will hit the shops next week (14.01.) as limited "promo" -
full artwork vinyl copies though, no whitelabels!

info side (A) Spinor - "Moloch"
logo side (B) Budoka - "Ritual"


Unfortunately I have no digital camera at hand, so I cannot post photos of the finished records. But i hope there will be photos in the juno shop soon, meanwhile here are pre-print images of the artwork:

promo/info sheet:

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TILT008 delivers another solid Neurofunk tune by Darmstadt's finest aka Budoka, and a Techno influenced piece by Spinor, the very third guest artist on the label. It also brings some changes: the releases on this label will not have whitelabel promo runs anymore but come into the shops directly as full artwork copies instead. Then, 3 weeks after the vinyl release, the tunes are made available digitally. Also, there will be no more tunes by the amex + Kaiza duo because amex kicked himself out. Finally, the future is about to see more tunes by guest artists on Tilt-Recordings.

Spinor - "Moloch"
Located in the Netherlands, Spinor has earned respect in the world of Drum & Bass since 2004 with releases on Dreazz' Triple Vision labels Citrus, Love and Piruh, also he has put out a tune on Crossfire Recordings and on the netlabel T-FREE. Although Spinor is rather known for Neurofunk with deep, melodic pads and midranges, "Moloch" received a lot of respect in the Techno-DNB scene even before its release, even though Spinor is still a relatively new name to this sub genre of Drum & Bass. And now this monstertune has eventually found a proper home on Tilt-Recordings. The intro's dark atmosphere and driving beat make clear where the journey will go, and the powerful drop proves that there is just no alternative to high energy music. No need to say much more about "Moloch", it simply is a sure shot on the dancefloor.

Budoka - "Ritual"
This artist should be well known to people following the releases on Tilt-Recordings, since he was not only the first artist on this label but has also provided many of the tunes being released on it since T!LT#001 in 2003/2004. Also supporting the new digital media, he has put out a series of 3 x 3-EPs on T-FREE in the summer of 2007 (including the remastered "Whiplash" original from 2001 and other gems) and another tune on the well respected .shadybrain imprint in November 2007 ("Under Water"). Now on TILT008, Budoka continues the good work he has done with his former releases: "Ritual" is a phat and juicy Neurofunk DJ-tool with a heavily pumping bassline, decent midrange arrangements woven around oriental strings and a breakdown which surprisingly opens a window to a far out universe full of dark secrets.

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... oh and 320' mp3 + wav will be out some weeks after the vinyl.
digital --> low quality or wait. buy a turntable, it's worth it! ;)
Some people have kept asking, so the sold out TILT008 has now been repressed as whitelabels.
It is available here in our own shop: http://www.trio-music.de/t3-en/shop/form.htm

btw the only shop that still has some artwork copies in stock is http://digalittledeeper.org/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=tilt
(the preview picture is that of a whitelabel, but the actual records there are with artwork)

And the tunes are now also available here: