Spectrum show with Fusion, Driver & exclusive guest mix by Mage


Nov 12, 2008
Ipswich - Suffolk

Bert - You Bring The Sunshine (Valve)
Nu:Tone - The Box (Beta Recordings)
Mental Power - Intelligence Unknown (Formation)
Jonny L - Camouflage (Piranha Records)
DJ Rap & Kenny Ken - Frequency (Proper Talent)
EZ Rollers - Synaesthesia (Moving Shadow)
Decoder & Substance - Heist (Audio Couture)
Konflict - Roadblock (Renegade Hardware)
The Outfit - The Jackpot (Frontline)
Physics - Release Your Soul (Teluric)
Total Science - 8 Ball (C.I.A. Records)
Skitty - Before Life (Cylon)
Seba & Paradox - Open Minds Please (Paradox Music)

Cinematic - Straight Time (All Street Records)
K-Dan - With U (CD-R)
Anything But Monday - Still Standing [The Square & Dirrrty B remix] (Universal Music)
Rudenko - Everybody [Danny Byrd dub mix] (Data Records)
BCee & Lomax - One Year On VIP feat. Deeizm (Dub, original on The Master Plan EP - Innerground)
KRS One - My Life [Lukich remix] (CD-R)
The Hooters - All You Zombies [The Krakafaktri remix] Free Download: http://dnbshare.com/download/Allyouzombies_KrakafaktriDnBMix320.mp3.html

**Exclusive guest mix by Mage of One Size Recordings**
Chaos Theory - Always feat. Becky B (Soul Aspiration)
Stress Level & TC1 - Lost In Music (Dispatch)
Calibre - Model Way (Signature)
The Statesman - Smile (Point 9 Audio dub)
Sequent Industry - You're In Love [Mage remix] (Respect dub)
Grafix - Body Talk (Hustle Audio)
Implex & Enei - Grey December (Respect)

Contact Mage: www.myspace.com/dj_mage

Spectrum every Sunday 7-9pm UK with BCee, Fusion, Driver & Cartel on 105.7fm & www.icrfm.co.uk

Get more audio and details at www.myspace.com/spectrumicr

Send your tracks, AIM:fusionicr or www.soundcloud.com/fusionicr/dropbox
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