Spectrum 3 Oct - Driver & Fusion

Spectrum 3 Oct - Driver & Fusion


Baby Fox – Rain [DJ Krust remix] (Malawi Records)
Ganja Kru – Magic (New Frontiers EP – Parousia)
JuJu – Yemaya (Transatlantic EP – Renegade Recordings)
Total Science – Bustin’ Loose (Timeless Recordings)
Hot Steppers Volume 7 (Hot Steppers)
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan (Virus)
Pressure Rise – Let Go remix (Aspect)
Dom, Rob & Goldie – Drones (Moving Shadow)
Alaska & Paradox – Shinjuku (Paradox Music)
Source Direct – Dark Metal (Razors Edge)
Capone – Snoot (Test Recordings)
Photek – Babylon (Photek Records)

High Contrast – When the Lights Go Down (Hospital)
>>Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio)
Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (BMT)
Sneaker Pimps – Post Modern Sleaze [Reprazent Mix] (Clean Up Records)
Syncopix – Stay In Touch (Spearhead)
Zarif – California [Danny Byrd Club Mix] (Full English)
Invisible Landscape – Beat Goes On (Do It Again EP – Totaal Rez Records Nov ’09)
Lounge Fiction – Here Comes the Breaks (Modulate Recordings)
Zebedee – Re-arrange (CD-R)
P-R-S – The Wait (Have-A-Break)
Matrix & Futurebound – Tears feat. Robert Owens (Tears 001)
Invisible Landscape – Bambaata Recognition (CD-R)
Marcus Intalex – Skizm (Astro Dance EP – SOUL:R)
Alix Perez & Zero T – Suffer In Silence (1984 LP - Shogun Audio)

Spectrum with BCee, Fusion & Driver every Saturday 6-8pm (UK) - www.icrfm.co.uk & 105.7fm




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