Drum & Bass Spectrasoul influences of DNB set ***Tonight** FREE BEFORE 11. Elecetric Ballroom Camden

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    (Circles launch influences set)

    Catching Flies
    (Soundwave reunion set)

    Tuckshop x Soundwave friends & residents

    Join us on September 18th & reminisce with new & old faces at The Official Soundwave reunion & Circles Ldn Launch!

    Circles: A 360 exploration of Drum & Bass and it's heritage.

    Passionate about D&B but still have room for other genres that get your hips moving?

    Circles looks to discover all the different influences & angles which have allowed D&B to evolve into what it is today.

    Taking you on a circular journey of sounds, think, Ragga / Reggae / Jungle or Soul / Hip hop/ Liquid & much more!

    We'll be taking you on a journey of soul drenched Soundwave sounds timed with influences of Drum & Bass for a special night for The love of Soundwave Croatia.

    Only 5 £4 Earlybird tickets left!

    FB event & info: