SpectraSoul Essential Mix 04/11/17


Jan 14, 2016

Congrats to the bois, some really good stuff in here. I remember them closing their set at Sun&Bass with Untitled Horn (around the 1h20 mark), saying something to the effect that it was one of the last bits Marcus signed to Soul:R. Big tune!

SpectraSoul & LSB – Wrong To Love You
SpectraSoul – Ish Chat (Shogun Audio)
SpectraSoul – Burst (feat. Dan Moss) (Ish Chat Music)
SpectraSoul – Hot Head Rock Bed (Shogun Audio)
Mount Kimbie – Would Know (Hot Flush)
SpectraSoul – Knuckle Waltz (Shogun Audio)
James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now) (R&S Records)
The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give (Ninja Tune)
SpectraSoul – Burst (Calibre Remix) (feat. Dan Moss) (Ish Chat Music)
SpectraSoul & LSB – Silence
Calibre – Closing Doors (feat. DRS) (Signature)
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – So Close (1985 / Ish Chat Music)
GLXY – Lucid
L-Side – I Can (V Recordings)
SpectraSoul – Fiction (feat. Solah) (Ish Chat Music)
SpectraSoul – Second Chance (Ish Chat Music)
Zed Bias – Give Up The Ghost (Calibre Remix) (Exit Records)
SpectraSoul – From The Jaws (Ish Chat Music)
SpectraSoul – Away With Me (Calibre Remix) (Shogun Audio)
Commix – Belleview (dBrdige Remix) (Metalheadz)
SpectraSoul – Guardian (Metalheadz)
Burial – Etched Headplate (Hyperdub)
SpectraSoul – Fools Paradise (Shogun Audio)
dBridge – Wonder Where (Nonplus Records)
SpectraSoul – The Mantra (Ish Chat Music)
Photek – Minotaur (Science Records)
Adam F – Metropolis (Metalheadz)
Krust – Concealing (31 Recordings)
SpectraSoul – Heartbeat (Ish Chat Music)
OneMind – Pullup
SpectraSoul – Push & Pull (Ish Chat Music)
Sinistarr – Clear
Instramental – Watching You (feat. dBridge) (Nonplus Records)
Lewis James – Turbo (Astrophonica)
Rockwell – ’09 Track
SpectraSoul – OTB (feat. Break) (Ish Chat Music)
The Prodigy – Mindfields (XL Recordings)
SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn
Mark System – Manchester’s Heart
LSB – Tripped
Bungle – Under Threshold
SpectraSoul – Move (Ish Chat Music)
Break – Excuses
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Blips x Orgaiser (Acapella)
Ivy Lab – Peninsula (SpectraSoul Remix) (Critical Music)
Dawn Wal – Problem (Integral Recordings)
Hyroglyphics & Signal – Make Me Feel (Critical Music)
SpectraSoul – Gold Standard VIP
Marcus Intalex – Temperance (Soul:R)
SpectraSoul – Light In The Dark (feat. Terri Walker) (Shogun Audio)
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