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Big thanks to everyone that's been supporting the label over the last year. Danny Byrd's massive Rise Again single earlier this year has been our biggest release so far and is still one of my favorite tunes of the last couple of years.

Between now and the end of the year we have a couple of other things ready to drop, Danny Byrd's remix of BCee & Lomax's Dust 'til Dawn and Submorphics - Miles Ahead is due out on full release next week. Also the mighty Logistics has remixed Blue Sonix - Luv Me, and the promos are due in tomorrow so will be in the shops soon.

We have also finally got around to going digital and you can get our releases from www.trackitdown.net and we should hopefully be on iTunes very soon.

I'll try and get some dubplate audio here very soon of these and the other forthcoming bits.

Thanks again to all those that have been supporting the label.

Big up!
Steve BCee