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I've been banging on about Speakers Corner for months now. Since I went for the first time.

Basically it's a free entry, hiphop night live a line up of MC & acts (most of which will bring their own DJs), turntablists, and open mic sessions.

The music policy is also conscious, politically aware and positive, with no fake gangstas, blinging or misogyny.

Each night varies, but I've seen them have 10 acts + open mic sessions. The general standard is very good to excellent, and on the open mics, you just never know what you'll hear next, all styles of MCing and vocalists are there.

Some of the talent there is phenomenol with UK battle champions as hosts, and regular US guests who are touring.

Most of the acts with sets have either got mixtapes, EPs or Albums to sell (usually £3 or £5) and plenty will pass out free copies of the stage. I've picked up some great music there, and seen some great MCs.

Highlights include MANAGE (both the launch party and the 'LIVE IN PROTEST' album, read the CHEMO interview for clips), DIABOLICAL (serious NY freestyler who was on tour and popped in), STIG OF THE DUMP (funny and gritty as fuck) and loads more....

The atmosphere is appreciative, can be rowdy, but always friendly and trouble free. There's also a dancehall / reggae room, and this is Brixton, baby, so smoking's allowed and the security are cool, too.

I've been to plenty hiphop gigs and clubs, both US and UK acts, but nothing compares to SPEAKERS, the free entry, the full noisy crowd, wicked DJs, clean sound and the diversity of the music. For years I've wanted to like UKHH, but have never had the exposure to the diversity of styles, delivery and rawness, to suddenly go 'Yeah that's hot!'...

Not only did it turn me onto UKHH, it also properly revived my faith in real 'hiphop' full stop...

Seriously, I can't reccomend it highly enough....

SPEAKERS CORNER happens at JAMM, BRIXTON, 9pm-3am every 1st Thursday every month, and is always FREE ENTRY.

I'm there every single time, right at the front...So PM me if anyone fancies coming down....

(They do plenty of other shows as well, including ITCH FM every Sunday, which is also online).

ps. any producers looking for MCs...Here's the place, it's no exaggeration to say there's been nights @ Speakers when I've heard over 100 MCs drop verses...
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