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ive been 2 loads of free partys like that.
but theres usually fuck loads of people, and more than one rig hosting different music

i went 2 one in wales about two years ago
decided 2 go on big buzzed/loved up mission with this girl thru the forests. After i while i was joking about sayin "shit were lost" trying to shit her up, me thinking i knew where we were cus i recognized the fallen down tree. After a while it started to hit me, i was really off my face, i didnt actualy have a clue where we were and we hadnt heard the rig in ages

(cue panic, looking about, walking around in the same area trying to think,,Smoking fags with bare dry mouth, ) lool this for what seemed like at eternity

did mange 2 get back about a good hour+ later, on pure fucking luck, we just guessed which way 2 go when there was an opening from the trees, kept walking and u cud hear boom boom boom boom, both never been so thankfull 4 being able 2 hear that racket so we starting stomping on the spot

i can laugh bout it now but at the time it was fucking scary, (lack of supplies no water small amount of stella in a can) me all along thinking,, "u dick head look wtf u gonna do now

if theres a lesson from this, if ure in wales, dont walk so far that u cant hear the music, and dont try and scare some one cus karma will get u and ul end up shitting ureself 2 :D


Peace & fucking, believe!
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noize, was your knob clean? if so why didnt you just rag her, or was you so high you couldnt get it up. either way fair shout bro ahaha!!