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When The Babylon R Dead
Sep 25, 2009
Got some new flavaz for the ravers up on my soundcloud including a free download off Taste The Dubz which is a dub mash @90 BPM which id describe as 'A reggae style dub effort contaning Horns strings guitars and fresh beats for thy listening pleasure . ! Also got a new sci fi tek style tune WHY AM I STILL ALIVE a blend off Heavy weight beats and mangled futurist samples which add to the rich alienish formula ! Serious dutty basslines combined with the visual atmospherics make this tune well worth the listen ! And some back to the old school flavours in RECAPTURE/FUNK THE JUNGLE.
Check it out people www.soundcloud.com/earthgermz

Oh and have a good xmas fight with the inlaws throw up on ya nan and shag the cat
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