Drum & Bass Sovereign - Black Hole - Darker than my normal stuff, looking for feedback.


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Yeah, I can see how you came from liquid.
There are still a few things that you would put in a liquid track that aren't appropriate for a darker, harder track like this.
One is the notes you use for the bassline, I think it sounds sort of major. Use a minor (harmonic or natural) scale, and if you want a more extreme sound, add some sharp fourths or flat seconds.
The other is the drums. The kick isn't too bad, but it you can find a heavier one, use that. The snare is far too weak, you need a really full one for this style.

It also needs more tension going towards the drop. Try using a V-I cadence, putting in sounds of increasing pitch and frequency, briefly highpassing just before the bass comes in.

I'm not too sure about the rhythm of the little lead thing first heard at 0.15 and I think it would be better if it had a much more complex rhythm. Bring up your piano roll, set grid to semiquavers and draw in random stabs.