DnB Source Direct Digital Catalogue Made Available For 1st Time!


Aug 29, 2016
It's been a long time coming but finally I'm sure many of you will have cottoned onto the fact that this is now actually happening!
These .wav versions have been taken straight from the original DAT archives exactly as nature intended them. Unspoilt by modern +db insanity or over compression, they sound as fat, deep and warm as the day they were committed to tape in the mid 90s!
Currently available are the classic releases SDR001 through to SDR008 including Fabric Of Space, Snake Style, The Crane, Black Rose and many others!
As a temporary setup, the Odysee Recordings Bandcamp is hosting these releases until a designated Source Direct Bandcamp page is set up.
More music will follow- expect to see Strike Like A Cobra, the Demonic releases like Yo Bitch & Sub One plus potentially some of the early Oblivion/Intensity stuff being made available too!
For obvious legal reasons, we are not yet certain whether this will be able to include Secret Liaisons or the material released on Science/Virgin but negotiations may yield positive outcomes on those releases also:)
For now, here's a link to what's available! https://odyseerecordings.bandcamp.com
Many thanks to everyone on here who has supported the Odysee Label over the last few years, and on behalf of Jim thank you for supporting Source Direct too!

@Destro Bass They certainly stand the test of time! Coming back with fresh ears, they sound incredibly mature (especially when you consider Rupert, Jim & Tilla were the good side of 20 when they were producing most of this stuff!)

@Radius Well....not quite a failing memory mate- the sample includes all 3 vocals 'Phaze 1...Phaze 2...Phaze 3'! And more good news- I'm putting this track back on vinyl next year with the Phaze 1 Odysee Remix on the flip:)
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