Soundtoys' Little Plate First Impressions + quick audio


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Jan 9, 2014
first impressions of little plate are

reverb tails for DAAAYYYSSSS, holy shit. 60 seconds of decay available... before it goes to infinity. not sure when you'd use this for dance music production applications, but if you're doing sound tracks i could understand it.

right click any of the knobs to see the number value of the dial.

Mod... doesn't seem to change anything..

no option for pre-delay or anything like that, but logic's sample delay plugin can do that for you if you should desire it, just slap it on your FX send before little plate and voila, pre-delay.

SoundCloud Demo of Little Plate

1st repeat is straight sine, no reverb

2nd repeat is w. these settings

and final note is this.
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