C4 - Wreckless - 463 DNB
Hey everybody,

Im semi-new to the DNB forum so I just thought Id take the site advice and introduce myself. I am a 5 year veteran in the Drum and Bass scene. I know there are many many of you that have been rinsin it out much longer but I feel I have the credentials to proclaim myself a semi-professional. I have been through it all, so if you are a newbie to spinnin, I have alot to offer in the way of advice in many areas of the trade. Ill be happy to help anyone. I am proud to say Ive been on several flyers and had the opportunity to be the headliner on many of them. I have also been in party promotion and production for 2 of the five years I have been spinning. I have thrown three very successful productions in my quest for "professional" status. I guess "professional" could mean various things so in many ways I am already there but in others I am far from it. I dont rely on my music for paying 100% of my bills so in that aspect I dont consider myself a complete professional. My definition of "professional" is having producing, spinning (djing) and or production of musical events being a persons main (if not only) source of income.

My main influences and favorites include (in no particular order) - Dillinja, Andy C, Freaky Flow, Dieselboy, Dylan, Fresh, and Spor.

As far as equipment is concerned I use (at the moment) Vestax PDX 2000 turntables and a PMC 05 Pro2 mixer for my spinning. I know most djs are partial to Technics but I am an avid scratcher so I found the Vestax had more to offer as far as tonearm stability and features. If you get the chance to demo them, I would definately encourage giving them a shot. I also have unlimited access to a 15000 watt rib crushing sound system with tons of intelligent lighting. I say "access" because I dont own it but its at my disposal for next to nothing at any time. I have put it to use an uncountable number of times for the events Ive thrown. It consists of EV speakers (six 15" mid-high end cabinets and five 18" subs) and Peavey amplifiers. I have been toying with producing my own tracks for a little over 2 months now and have been hard at work on a few awesome basslines. Its still gonna be a long while before I release anything but Im still learning so Im not discouraged. I use an AMD based system with 1G of ram and several great producing programs to churn out some decent tracks as well as record my own DNB sets. My favorite programs include Fruity Loops, Sound Forge and many graphic design programs I use to create electronic artwork. Im looking forward to taking advantage of this great online brother-sisterhood of DNB fanatics as well as helping out others as much as my abilities allow. I will soon be maintaining my own website which will be used to update my own works and mixes as well as post tour dates and sell my own music related products. Drop me a line anytime.

Friend to all - SOUNDSCREAM