Soundmurder & SK1 ft Wayne Lonesome- Whowanseekwar/Tech Level 2 - Whowanseekwar

A totally devastating 12" beatwise on both sides. Soundmurderer lulls you in to a false sense of security with his take on Waynes' vocals with some tuneful old skool pads leading up to crips breaks. As more pace is gathered along the way the edits come thick and fast and a sub wobbles in to action. This is jump up at it's most abstract as the choppage lunches out of control whilst the bass maintains the groove within the realms of sanity. The repetition of small parts of the beat get denser as the track goes along but just as you think that it's going to be completely undanceable they roll out another fat groove for you to get your feet round. This is total 94 style brought up to date.

Tech Level 2 (aka Justin Broadrick of Godflesh fame) takes a more brutal approach to the catchy ragga chantings of Mr Lonesome with hardcore amen action. From the outset you know that this is going to be heavy with merciless metallic hi hats barely missing your head as they rocket past. Some kind of alarm goes off sine waving itself in to the mix as all hell breaks loose. This version lends itself to the jungle terraces as the vocal is so hummable and set against the other elements of the track perfectly. The bass stomps along for the first part of the tune before laying down the law after the break. Definitely time for a rewind after that or maybe a darker tune afterwards although this is up to tech itch's standard of grinding badness. Savage.