SoundKraft Recs is back with a vengeance!

Even when times are hard, we’re no quitters!

Here’s a sum of fine works SoundKraft Records collected from around the Eastern Europe, from the timeless drumfunk pieces of Dissident and Fluter, to the provocative fresh sounds of Implex & Enei, Voja, Walder or Alien Pimp, going through standard quality productions of Illuminati and Flame.

This release concludes our activity as a label dedicated exclusively to East European talents, time proved our point is solid, and this area will always provide enough freshness for dnb in particular and for electronic music in general.
From here we’re open for worldwide artists (don’t hesitate to send your demos no matter where you’re based), but we’ll keep paying a special attention to our Eastern colleagues!
We’ll be pushing mostly on the edge sounds that might bring progress and freshness to the scene, but if there’s quality, it’s on, regardless style, it’s all about the drum & bass! :)

SoundKraft Records presents:

Out now!

Fluter - Nosferatu
Voja - Mamba Project
Implex & Enei - Voodoo Doll
Walder - Fireball
Alien Pimp - We're Taking Control
Illuminati - No Escape
Flame - Lust Seekers
Sunchase - Vendetta (Alien Pimp Remix)
Dissident - Fragile Damnation

We’ve also added a special gift, since there’s been 3 years since the launch of ESA Vol. 1.
As the context of the first release was a bit unlucky, with our distro at the time going out of biz just a few months after launch and a few other similar problems, we dare to do a restitution gesture: 4 of the tracks from ESA 1, that we think stand the test of time, are available again. Some of them are considered classics by many, some of them would might add flavour to the sets, or maybe they will just feed some nostalgias, but all of them deserve a recap nowadays. It’s the original files, not remastered, the real mccoy, smell the flava!

Out now!

Implex – You
Groovenauts – Can’t Wait
Codex & Cell D – Incubation
Cyb Orc – Tremor

Available now on, coming soon on Juno Download and Beatport.

For audio and info, you can simply hit our MYSPACE

More killer beats coming your way really soon!

Media peeps, don’t hesitate to contact us if interested in covering our work! We’re nice! :)

Special thanks Nastya for the artwork help!

Have a big one, fellas!