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Oct 17, 2008
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Ok... just uploaded a mix to SC and I've had a 'Copyright Violation' message thing has come up.

Its saying that a song in the mix is under copyright...

1. It's telling me the son, which identified correctly as "Taking Over", is by Benny Page yet it says its under copyright from a totally different band.

2. Loads of people must be uploading mixes all day of every day so this can't work surely?

Anyone else had this problem?
Do you have it on vinyl coz it should say who it's copyrighted to on the label? Could well be right...although a set I did last year was infringing a tune owned by 'unknown' so you never know. Now you've had the notice you're expected to show them you have permission so it's a no no really. Soundcloud say they only act when the copyright owners insist on enforcing their rights which is odd for drum and bass given the whole mixtape culture.

I've only ever had problems with the first tune of a set so I don't know how far their software can see?? I think you've been unlucky coz guaranteed you'll see it in a set on there somewhere.
I heard that a simple fade in can get around the copyright shit on SC.

Basically theyve got analyzers on their servers that try to pick out offending tracks, I wouldnt be surprised if theres a time limit on using these tracks either.

Mixing faster and layering more confuses the shit outta these machines, as long as it doesnt match the original waveform, youre good.

Either that or upload to another mix hosting service.
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