[soundcloud] Broken Glass - Nickita Remix ... [Vocal inside]


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Jul 3, 2005
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If anyone fancies doing a remix; here is the master vocal! Please upload any remixes to SoundCloud with the title "Broken Glass - Nickita (YOURNAME Remix)" and send to my dropbox, any I like will be shared on my official fanpage at www.facebook.com/nickitamusic

Please note that the copyright to the original track "Broken Glass" is held by Nickita so any remixes are not allowed to be made available for sale without permission from Nickita. You can however upload them to SoundCloud, share on social networking sites, gain radio airplay and airplay in public venues such as nightclubs. Please do not make available for free download without permission from Nickita and/or her management. Happy remixing :)

All correspondence regarding this matter to be sent to info@nickitamusic.com


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Feb 2, 2009
Thanks Panty (y)
edit, now just trying to work out how to convert a m4a file.
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