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Nov 29, 2001
There must be quite a few producers on here now.

Recommend some soundcards for me to consider!

Obviously it's for Drum & Bass! I'm going to be running Cubase VST32, a MIDI keyboard, and various software synths and editing tools.

Help moi :D
I have a "Creative Live 5.1" for sale... If neone wants it.. £25..
Not using it nemore.. Had trouble with it on VIA chipset Motherboard.. Now got Videologic SonicFury....Absolutly luvly...
If u want it.. Drop a post..
I've been using M Audio delta 66 for a few months in my studio
the sound is sweet and accurate.the latency with midi is pretty good,with mine i've got it down to 24 ms,and sampling
at 24 bit.
The creative cards are just gamer cards i wouldnt even bother
with them.

Using an Echo Mia 24, has 8 virtual outputs for all your soft synths etc.. and get the latancy down to 4ms via Cubase5. Very good card indeed, sample rates upto 96khz, comes Highly Recommended.
GINA Echo 24-bit

Just go for the GINA Echo 24-bit soundcard (by Event).
I've seen it cheapest for $350
This is the best out there for the money, and has ratings exactly the same as the Aardvark 24 ($750). This is all you need mate.

ff crew
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