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Jan 30, 2013

I am thinking about getting an internal soundcard for my machine instead of using an external USB interface. I had the Komplete 6 but the usb port went out and I butchered it trying to do a replacement. I liked it well enough but it did have some problems in combination with my machine. I am using the M-Audio M-Track Plus, which works to a degree but the volume is insanely low and it drops from time to time. I have managed to get a proc-mon trace while real time monitoring my USB bandwidth and neither show a problem... No driver issues to report either.

So... After all of this I am looking to get an internal card. Has anyone had to make this transition before? Does anyone have recommendations on internal cards or see any potential issues with making the swap?

My rig
i7 extreme haswell 6 core OC'd to flat 4 ghz
16 gigs of RAM OC'd (issue happens at stock speed)
W SLI video card setup.
M-Track Plus2
Maschine MK1
Nocturn 49
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Jan 29, 2014
Too much hassle with internals I suggest a focus rite Safire they're very affordable and very dependable

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Mar 8, 2007
A little off topic bur maybe you can help... evrytime I switch PC on the soundcard fucks up, slow motion / underwater... wtf is that?

Only way to fix is hard reset by pulling the plug on rear... sapphire 4i4
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