DnB Sound Sphere Recordings Remix Album


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Aug 28, 2015
Los Angeles
Celebrating 20 years of being in the game, Sound Sphere Recordings has brought together some very talented and high-profile drum & bass producers to remix tracks from the Sound Sphere catalog. From the first release, to some of the biggest releases, to recent releases, this collection covers the entire 20 year span of Sound Sphere's existence.

Featuring remixes from Centaspike & Indidjinuos, R.A.W., The Voss, Arsenic, E-Sassin, Jo-S, Matty & Indidjinous, Mason, DStar and more!!! Also included is the recent Sound Sphere Remix Competition winner False Flag with his remix of Full Circle, the first track released by Sound Sphere!

The compilation includes more than 10 different remixes of various tracks including Soundstorm, The Enemy, Full Circle, Symptom, Nightstalker Malfunction and more!!!
Now available at your favorite digital music store and Sound Sphere Music.


Check out the preview here:
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