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Discussion in 'Production' started by freeagent, Apr 8, 2003.

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    Since there are sooooo many top-notch producers on dis forum, I thought I'd ask for some advice on upgrading my sound-card.

    I just got some M-Audio BX8 Monitors to shore up my mixing, running Cubase and Reason and a VST or two. Currently running an M-Audio Delta 440 and an Audigy for reference and to run my computer speakers (for TV, movies, etc). Feel like I want a few more features than the Delta, including (if possible):

    - top notch sound (24/96 plz)
    - lowest latency
    - best driver support possible
    - PCI interface (no USB or FireWire, tanks!)
    - At least 6 in/ 6 out
    - Preferably at least 2 balanced XLR ins/outs
    - SPDIF each way
    - One or Two Hi-Z inputs (for meh guitar and bass)
    - break-out box (so's I don't have to crawl around too much behind teh desk)
    - Only need 1 midi in/out/thru (not using much outboard)

    Currently considering:

    - ST Audio DSP3000 (or teh 2000)
    - M-Audio Delta 1010
    - Edirol DA2496

    Any experience with these? What are you using? What did I miss?

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    May 6, 2003
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    after over a year of heavy duty funkin around, I gotta recomend the aardvark-direct pro 24/96....

    ...complete with mic preamps, card shielding, and depending on the speed of your processor......crazy low latency (I believe i'm running at 8ms in Cubase SX right now, with a 1.8 Ghz P IV)


    check the web at:

    not for the timid, though........check around online for a good price

    that's just my two pesos

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