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    It's been a long time in the making but finally the time has come!

    Nearly a year ago to the day Sound Artillery was launched Digitally. One Year on the label is ready for it's first vinyl release. The Promos of SA001 are in your favourite record stores, Full release is out on 10/9/07, distributed by none other than SRD!

    You can find Audio on the myspace page (don't forget to add us while you're there)....

    Tracks are as follows:

    A - The Chase - T Tech remix
    B - Phantasm - Joe Ashworth

    Chemical are still stocking it. It's sold out at Juno, don't miss you chance to own a piece of history in the making! 12" for sale @ CHEMICAL


    Here's some info about the artists and tracks:


    First up on the A side is Swedish producer T Tech
    making his vinyl debut with a remix of his own track
    "THE CHASE".

    Heavenly strings set this one off and build up to send
    shivers down your spine as the beats enter.
    Immediately you're under the realisation that this is the
    calm before the storm. Then in distinctive T Tech style the
    bass twists in and out and before you know it the dancefloor
    is shaken to its foundations when the tune drops. Punchy beats
    and neurofunk basslines a plenty as this track absorbs the istener.
    This timeless track is not to be missed!

    The flip-side offers up Joe Ashworth who hails from England
    with his Vinyl debut, "PHANTASM".

    A hauntingly eerie intro draws the listener into a false sense
    of security. With this kind of exquisite intro its easy to
    feel this is going to be an smooth ride.
    Then out of the blue the mood decends into a thundering,
    bone shaking bass-line & beats on the attack.
    Relentless pounding beats and bass take you through the
    journey of another dancefloor destroyer. This one is for the hard steppers out there!


    It's a been a long struggle but finally, thank fuck, it's happening!

    I wanna take this time to thank everyone who has helped and supported the label so far.

    My hat goes off to everyone involved in making this happen!

    Massive thanks goto all the artists, supporting DJs & MCs, SolidIndustry, Rob Ennex, Rico @ SRD & Instramental!!!!

    p.s. Don't forget to check out the latest digital EP release from sound artillery too. OFF WORLD EP @ JUNODOWNLOAD

    Right now it's sitting at number 3 in the junodownload charts :borat:

    Watch this space for more info and news coming soon!


    Jake Nebulus
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