DnB Soulful DnB Mix ((2011))


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Apr 14, 2011
Chi Town
Hope you all had a good Christmas!!!

Here's a quick dnb mix with some soul I did on Christmas Eve:

Here's a link to it on soundcloud:

Give me some feedback and I hope you enjoy!!!

Here's the tracklisting:
Foreign Bodies - Calibre
Ugly Ducklings - Calibre
Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix) - Atlantic Connection & Lynx
Conversations - Mutt (Ft Kevin King)
Thinking - Mutt Ft (Kevin King)
The Wilhem Scream (Lynx Remix) - Lynx
Limit To Your Love (Remix) - Lynx
Art Of Forgetting - Mutt
Say Goodbye (Original Remix) - The Square & Atmospherix
Melodies - Spectrasoul
Forget - Mutt (Ft Kevin King)
Dazzle Tears - Sobersoul

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