Soul of Man “Re-Licked” Finger Lickin’


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Soul Of Man have made a big impact on the breaks scene over the years, their funky booty bouncing sex breaks have wiggled butts worldwide. In recognition of this fact the nice people down at Fingerlikin have given the lads a double LP to do. They have mixed up some of their finest cuts from the last ten years , and then mixed up a second mix cd, with fresh takes on those classics. Some of the reworks are essential tracks. Kraak & Smaack get their hands on “Sukdat” and produce two such amazing versions that they both appear.The Mighty Merka gets a groove on with his reinterpretation of “Gonna Keep On”, and A-Skillz “Between the Eyes” remix is superb. Its coming as a double mix CD, and limited vinyl releases, so if you are hunting the vinyl, keep and eye for this !