Soul Intent "Replicant" LOSSDIGI001 (Out 12th October 2015)

Jun 25, 2014
Soul Intent "Replicant"
Soul Intent & LaMeduza "What I Wouldn't Do (Amen Rollout Mix)"
Soul Intent "Don't Leave"
Soul Intent & LaMeduza "What I Wouldn't Do (Original Mix) Bandcamp Exclusive
Soul Intent follows up his massively popular “Wanna Fight EP” (released on Klute’s infamous Commercial Suicide imprint) with 3 pieces of sci-fi infused excellence via his own label Lossless Music.

The title track “Replicant” feature futuristic synths and pads worthy of inclusion in the next Blade Runner film. Vocoded vocals and a stepping beat move over a analogue bassline in a simple yet effective manner. A beautifully soulful yet electronic track, Replicant has unsurprisingly caught the attention such respected selectors including DJ Flight, Doc Scott, Gremlinz, SB81 and Sptrm (Project 51).

“What I Wouldn’t Do” features the sublime vocal talents of the Swiss based songstress LaMeduza. Originally written against a slow stepping beat (original mix will be exclusively available via the Lossless Music bandcamp store) this amen rollout mix features a beautifully processed amen break and dream like atmospherics. A superb slice of futuristic jungle.

“Don’t Leave” is a somber cinematic journey spread over 6 minutes. A haunting female vocal guides you through cinematic pads while a low sub bass shakes you with 40hz frequencies. Synth stabs and reverberated effects add yet more depth to this quality piece of electronic music.

LOSSDIGI001 marks the first digital only release on Lossless and Soul Intent had this to say - “With vinyl production times being what they are, and people seeming to care less about the format of their music these days it seems an appropriate time to start some digital only releases. This enables us to release more regularly and I can start to feature other artists. To be clear though, Lossless is still very passionate about releasing on vinyl and we have lots of fantastic 12”s on the way.”

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