Label Soul Intent ‘The Bass Cadet EP’ (Vampire Records)

OUT NOW - Soul Intent ‘The Bass Cadet EP’ (Vampire Records)

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1. Soul Intent – Fuzz Face
2. Soul Intent – Bass Cadet
3. Soul Intent – Ignite
4. Soul Intent – Spinning Around

Vampire records present their latest EP. Following on from the heavily played and well received ‘Archive EP’ comes Vampire’s 5th consecutive 4-tracker, this time featuring all tracks by the now firmly established talent that is Soul Intent. The Bass Cadet EP represents both Soul Intent and Vampire Record’s broad musical range, through delivering four highly individual tracks, while retaining a distinct dance-floor direction throughout. Snarling tones and old school chords combine to flavour ‘Fuzz Face’ on the opening track, while deep n’ dirty vibes and tight, skippy beats roll through the title track. Then ‘Ignite’ is a furious peak-time winner full of energy. Finally ‘Spinning Around’ is a deep number with a tough soulful edge. There’s something for all Drum & Bass cadets on this quality release!

Release Date: 25th April 2011
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