Soul in Motion (Peer Pressure Showcase) – Facing Jinx Interview / Guest-mix


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It’s always exciting when a new night comes about and offers something that little bit different. One such event, Soul in Motion, is a monthly night that’s held in a venue quaint in exterior, and entirely contrasting of the genres usual club vibe of gritty and generally quite sinister. I feel that there’s a definite charm in this, not only is Soul in Motion an event that means there’s a strong mid-week drum and bass night back on the calendar, it’s held in a venue below a West-End hotel that’s replaced the areas standard set-up of champagne and sparklers (and men in pointy shoes) with a focus on quality music.

What better way to represent quality drum and bass than a line-up comprised of a number of the scenes most reputable artists and DJs. On top of this, the night will see a showcase by a label that’s progressively establishing itself as the place to go for soulful and fundamentally beautiful music, Peer Pressure Records.

Ahead of Wednesday’s event (the second ever), we had a chat with label owner Facing Jinx to talk all things Peer Pressure, his own artistic pursuits and how he feels about the genre at present.
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