sotalex@february bassment sessionz


man your battlestations
Nov 24, 2008
Sorry about the quality of this mix, don't know how to get better quality, any tips on that (I use acoustica)

Anyway could I have some feedback on this mix?
selection could be better IMO

Subfocus : special place
==>D kay : dubplate
KG: textures & sound
Duo infernale : another dimension
Xample & Lomax : contra
Munk : illuminate
High contrast : kiss kiss bang bang
==>Benga & coki : night (zinc remix)
Die & clipz : work it out
Brookes brothers : dawn treader
Zinc : take me with you
==>Break : let it happen
Apex : space between
Subfocus : scarecrow
==>iron hands : morthra
Brockie & Ed solo : represent (chase & status remix)
Dee3dee : nuff reasons
Crystal clear & cabbie : streethawk
==>Jaydan : war
==>Mampi swift : one finger

Dj sly : rock N roll
Die & clipz : Indian summer
D fiance : fast lane
2db : starsign
Sonic & silver : rocketlauncher (remix)
==>commix : talk to frank
Break : submerged (calyx & teebee remix)
Cabbie : London hoo
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