SoS 7th Feb -- Sterling B2B Whitehaze with Special Guest Fearless -- 2hr Massh up!!


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Sterling B2B Whitehaze With Mcs Fearless, Blacka, Dynamo, Nuclear, Swifta, Frosta

Ezz people,

Firstly i gota say thanks to everyone that attended SoS for Sterlings bday, was a funni and messy messssssy night! :D

Fearless was supossed to be on with Unix 2 til 3 but on the day he found out that 1nation wanted him at that time so he had to change time and do 12 til 1 with us. Sterling an I did a 2 hr mash up from 12 til 2 and so the last hour was covered by our resident mcs Nuclear, Dynamo, Swifta and Frosta.

Mc Blacka also touched down with fearless for a few bars over the set.

As obviously it was a bday bash, the mixin isnt perfect due to various levels of intoxication and other substances hah but its still a 2hr mash up of pure parti vibes!!

Tracklist is nice an varied aswell so give it a listen and let us know what you think.... :D

Also had to drop kbps to 192 as the file was just waaaay too big!

P.S the first couple of tunes were jumping around all over the place so dont be put off!

Call it anything - You dont need to know
Because of you - Blame
At the movies - Bassline smith remix
Big bad beast - Soulpride
Searchin - D minds
Cant stop - Booty
Voodoo People - Pendulum remix
Aim'd at you - Brockie
Run da track - Connecta
Crazy talk - Tantrum Desire
Redhead - Baron
Lawnmower tune - Sounds destructive
Disco Dodo - Lynx
Busted - Hazard
Lowlife - Monoman & Ninebar
Special delivery - Dub Peddla
Candyman - Sly
Shootin Blanks (Dubplate mix) - Dub Peddla
Drop bear - Die
Nightflight - Andy c + Shimon
Get Closer - Die
In Love - Jenna G
Bring me down - Blame
Cocoa - Clipz
Untouched - High Roller
Gold camo -
Mind Killer - TC
Mr Happy - Hazard
Killers dont die - Hazard
Finding the three - Gdub
Dual Voltage - 99 Remix
Suicide bomber - Nicol & Maji
Slow Motion - Callide
Octopus Crime VIP - Levela
Sound of the future - Smokesta
Dirty skankin - High Roller
Hornet - BC
Duppy man - Chase n Status
Infamous - Xample
Everyday - Shy fx
Druggy - Sub Focus
Everyday remix - Shy fx
Contra - Xample & lomax
Tibetian Mist - Humaniod
Blacks Doves - Clipz


Will post the rest of the sets up from the night when i get them uploaded..
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Re: SoS 7th Feb -- Sterling B2B Whitehaze with Special Guest Fearless -- 2hr Massh up

sweet mate, guna check this out.

catch swift & frosta along side dj c.l.s on 106.5 force fm / - tuesdays 9 - 10:30pm - terra team bizzle. :)