Soothsayer [SS015]: Thought - Resist/Holism


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Soothsayer [SS015]: Thought - Resist/Holism

Soothsayer returns with its twentieth vinyl plate and proudly presents the addition of SS015 and artist Thought to the roster.
Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Ivan Sotirov (Thought) has quickly built a reputation for employing the hardest beats to be had in Eastern Europe.
Having played Therapy Sessions and released a 12" on the famed UK label, Obscene, Thought's rise to prominence
continues with his Soothsayer debut - a slab of heavy tribal breaks and halfstep riddims dubbed up with an abundance of dark bass.

Resist is a dark tribal affair with grinding mid rage bass and intricate percussion.
Stylistically the tune yields the best elements of a steppa, a roller, and a stormer all meld together in a tightly weld concotion of brutality.
Bludgeoning beats and corrosive bass deliver for the dubwize massive and rivetheads alike.

Holism is a sinister tribal half steppa that has previously been slated for release by Loxy and Tech Itch.
We at Soothsayer were elated to acquire Holism to complete this epic double a sided offering. Pumping sub bass pads, mid range dirt,
and tribal dub manoeuvres dominate this track. Robust enough to appeal to junglists and dubsteppers alike, Holism is a blazing wedge of outright aural wretchedness.

Listen to "Resist" Here!
Listen to "Holism" Here!
Distributed by Underground Music

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