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    SSBLOOD-001 "Dubplatelet" - New Sublabel of Soothsayer Recordings - Released March 26, 2007


    Listen to NSF -"Big Time!"

    Listen to Sumone -"Jah Jah We Are Waiting" VIP

    Listen to Loetech -"Unity Gain"

    The First Dubplatelet Release Is Now Available!

    Dubplatelet, the new Soothsayer sublabel, has been conceived as a conduit for releasing the most visceral ragga jungle, breakcore and dubstep to be had. Harkening back to the initial Soothsayer Doctrine of hardlined, genre-bending riddims and deafening bass- Dubplatelet begins with both a sense of precedence and that of a new direction. This label will address the many raggacore and jungle fans who've dearly missed the "uninhibited" sounds of the first two Soothsayer releases; whilst allowing us to sidestep genre exclusivity and dabble in different musical frameworks- including dubstep and downtempo.

    The first release will offer a sublime medley of thundering sub bass, timestretched amens and old skool sensibility. It will also mark the Soothsayer debut of very relevant, contemporary artists, e.g., NSF Crew(Exegene, Plain Audio), Sumone(Renegade, Mos Hi), and credible dubstep newcomers, LOETECH(sub:trac). SSBLOOD-001 is purely a roughneck affair! Subsequent releases will feature Nkogliaz, Craveone and some disgusting reshapes of the Soothsayer backcatalogue. You've been forewarned! Riddim!

    Available at finer retailers:

    Redeye Records

    Chemical Records

    Breakbeat Science

    Juno Records


    Dance Records Dot Com




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